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latest update14.Feb 2001

This web is planets and stars , I am interst in planets and comet but when I was
young(higth school,university)I am interest in stars cloud and clusters(M42,M31,NGC...),
took the pictures every night on the mountain.but I got marriage and have two sons,
I would not able to go to the mountain every night for taking astropicture, .....
.So I build small observatory (2.5M DOME) and 25cm F8 newtonian refrector I took astrop
hoto by camera TP2415,FUJI800 emulsion etc.. every night in my observatory but process
is very tired and I can not this picture soon....recently I bought CCD imaging CAMERA
BJ32L,this Camera is low cost price.very sensitive.and self make..computer(intel
400Mhz) I am taking planet,jupiter mars etc.. I enjoy astro life ....................

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my observatory




E-mail.... tomiyasu@sunfield..ne.jp..