Tomita Observatory

this observatory opened 1980 years, we had not light pollutions yet,so I
was able to take astoro picture by telescope(prime focus)
my telescope working condition 25cm reflector equatorial mounting F8
my observatory is 2.5m diameter and self make, I take picture by CCD camera
this camera have network(LAN system)

CCD system

my telescope is 250mm F8 equatorial mounting and self make stepping drive
my telescope suitable to comet motion for self make stepping motor. when I take astoro picture
I have been use BJ32L CCD camera.
the computer(200MHz) of observatory connected the computer(400MHz) of my image process room
by LAN cable.

film picture

when I take good planet and moon picture I use steel camera 6x4.5
eye piece projection Or7mm F100
I use 10cm guiding telescope and the image send monitor television by

moving system

MITAKA GN170mounting,
verygood ,errband+-2"
C8 SC+st5ccdcamera
self make dobsonian
this telescope made of wood ans it
was take 3 days to make this instrument