Solar Observation
This is a solar home page
this page is about the sun, these hotos was taken by mef
i used two telescopes
one telescope is tube with visibule light filter (5500 angustrome)
the other telescpe is with Ha filter (about 7500 angustrome)
the telescope with visible filter was able to see sunspot
the telescope with Ha(hydogen alfer) filter saw prominence and dark filaments and flare
below the gold telescope by CORONAD CO.Lim in USA
Solar Telescope is D=60mm F 400mm
I am interested in observing Solar flare very much but althogh it is very hot in summer
this year the SUN is very active.
one of the reason why comet ISON is disappered , many prominences occured on the suface of sun.
and large sunspot too!.

‡@‚o‚’‚‚‚‰‚Ž‚…‚Ž‚ƒ‚… ‡A‚r‚‚Œ‚‚‚’@‚e‚Œ‚‚’‚…
‡B‚r‚•‚Ž‚“‚‚‚”@above (Ha filter) under(visiblelight filter)

‡CDark filaments
‡DSolar prominence ‡ESolar Telescope (D=60mm F400mm Ha filter Half width0.75Angstrom