Comet Ison was disappeaed so I went take Comet Lovejoy instead near the mountain,
named "MYOUGI SAN" MYOUGI is japaneseword which means "strange shape"(below)
the sky was covered with cloud that day,but after midnight the sky was
very clear ,Icould see many stars,especialy Orion Constellation,
I could not sleep untill early morning, while I wait for the rising of the Comet lovejoyl
I drunk coffee and ate sandwich, when Comet Lovejoy rised,the sky
was very clear,I prepared mytelescope to take pictures of the the comet,
but tempareture is 4degree C very cold.
I took plenty of the comet's photos and Orion nebula incidentally
I was able to Cmet Lovejoy pictures, although I felt sleepy.

Cmet Lavejoy telephotolense 250mm Comet Lovejoy was taking by Reflecting telescope(below)
Orion nebula very popular nebua in the sky
and this nebula is very bright
Miyougi mountain and my telescope
It is about 50km in this mountain from my home