Recording og Comet Ison

Ison Comet

Date Nov 17 4h50m(JST) 10sec exp

Camera canon x3 SLRC
Telescope D150mm Focus 530mm

situation that day has not clear sky and has full
moon but condition for gaze comets
when arrived observers location at near the mountain
there were many amateur astronomer in this place
they prepared telescope and binoculars ,
I prepared my telescope and binocular and camera and Ipad
(Ipad is consteration and position of the comet)
I had a plenty of time until Ison comet rising
I will take lovejoy comet, this comet is more visible and very
bright so I turn the telescope lovejoy comet
this comet move near the Leo I found the comet easly by
binocular becuse this comet is very bright about 5mg
if we have full moon ,we can see neked eyes
but I finshed comet love joy , I had many times untill Ison
comet rising I drunk a coffee,and sand witch.
Just 4h30m(JST) Ison comet rising onthe horizon but
this comet is not visible for very small and faint and twilight
it was very difficult for taking ison comet.
I was very tired and sleep because I did not sleep all night

Comet Ison

Comet Lovejoy
Telescope and Binoclar