About This Site

This site is dedicated to the idea that Japan is just a place, and the Japanese are just people. There are many things which make Japan unique, but at the most basic level it is no different than any other place. People are born, and people die. In between those two major events, Japanese have the joys and sorrows common to the human condition throughout most of the world.

The site is a mix of the interesting and the bland, just as life itself is. The site's main focus lies in its photo albums. Practically all of the photos on this site were shot from the driver's seat of my truck, hence the site's name. You will find few if any shots of more traditional Japanese things such as temples. Ninja, pokemon, and manga fail to make an appearance here as well. These things are covered quite well in a multitude of other sites. What you will find is workaday Japan, everyday Japan. Japan, minus the touristy stuff. Japan for plain folks. Enjoy.

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